It’s Not Debauchery

If the Elves are doing it. Never mind that the far shore teems with Orcs and fell creatures, we party to defy Sauron! Them elves sure know how to taunt people, though it seems like much less of a good idea now that Turbine has removed the supremely lethal archers hiding in the treetops. The robe used in this outfit is one of the best arguments for playing a Lore-master, and is also a sad reminder of how much care and effort they used to put into designing raid gear that made each class visually unique. The Orthanc armour sets were a bit on the meh side, being somewhat indistinct between classes and undyeable. The Erebor ones just look like they’re made of pointy plasticine, and should never be spoken of again.


Dat revelry.


Yes, tell me more about Durin’s Yolk.


Albatross impression!


The Elven Hokey-Pokey is for connoisseurs only.

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Summer Fest barter item)

Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Cleansing Fire, turquoise (Orthanc t1 RK set)

Back: Cloak of the Silver Star, violet (Skirmish Camp cosmetic vendor)

Chest: Robe of the Lady’s Wisdom, violet (DN Lore-master set)

Hands: Gloves of the Seven Stars (Annuminas light armour)

Feet: Shoes of the Hopeful Melody, violet (Mirkwood Minstrel set)


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