The Death Knell of Inventory Space

Greetings. To those of you who have inexplicably stumbled across this here blog thing, hi. See the “About” page for a more detailed explanation of this mess.

This was the outfit I used for most of my raiding days, and the first one I was really happy with. It marked my descent into fashionablenessness, and before I knew it, I had 140 wardrobe slots, hundreds of cosmetic items scattered across the vaults of my characters, and spent countless hours spent Ctrl-clicking. An innocent hobbit by the name of Extrabankspace has also had her life ruined as a result, being doomed forevermore to remain at level 8, albeit with enough clothing to make a hot-air balloon.


It’s a mountain, not a cat. I think.


One simply does walk into oathbreaker-infested ruins.




Head: Hat of the Ancient Tongue (Mirkwood RK set)

Shoulders: Cry of the West Shoulder Guards, Evendim blue (OD Captain set)

Back: Cloak of the Misty Night, Evendim blue (OD drop, probably from Disease Wing)

Hands: Vibrant Calenard Battle Gauntlets, white (crafted, t7 metalsmith)

Legs: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings, white (OD warden set)

Feet: Sabatons of the Charge, white (Orthanc captain t1 set)


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