Of strange world drops and pretty trees

This is another case of theft crossed with Scenic Inspiration Disorder. I just could not resist the loopy colour scheme of the Jacket of Might/Wolfpelt Jacket/whatever other names it goes by, after I first glimpsed it here. It seemed to be a piece of the Trollshaws doodled on a shirt, then released into the wilds of the world drop loot tables: a rare, elusive cosmetic prize whose capture would be made all the sweeter by the chase… which ended a few hours later at the Auction House.


Come along, Pieces of Eight. Who wants a nice cracker?


Deploying invisible packed lunch…


Raise your staff in the air like you just don’t care!


Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Stars, turquoise (Annuminas light armour)

Back: Lissuin Cloak, red (spring festival cosmetic)

Chest: Jacket of Might, turquoise (level 67 world drop)

Hands: Recruit’s Medium Gloves of Adlan, rust (skirmish camp medium armour vendor)

Legs: Ceremonial Beast-master’s Leggings, dark green (skirmish cosmetic vendor)

Feet: Nenuial’s Boots, turquoise (Annuminas medium armour)


2 thoughts on “Of strange world drops and pretty trees

  1. wow! The green and red color combo looks so good in this outfit, also nice pair with the leggings 🙂 I thought the wolfpelt jacket/everstout was only found in carn dum or urugarth, but I see that you got the same appearance as world drop, is a good news 😉

    • Thank you. I was sorely tempted to use a minimally-modified version of your original outfit, just because I had so much trouble finding an alternative leg piece that matched the chest piece as well as yours!

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