Variation on a theme of impossible pants

As promised, here is the greener, pointier cousin to the previous outfit. Perfect for evenings where you just want to select the “Dark Hunter” title for display, and Camouflage in a pool of deep shadow while sharpening knives.


Preparing to shoot the sheriff, and perhaps the deputy.


/grumble about improper archery posture in hunter animations


Wabbit twacks!


Head: Tawarwaith Hat of the Gloaming, black (t6 crafted, tailor)

Shoulders: Far-arrow’s Shoulders, umber (Mirkwood level 65 hunter set)

Back: Fancy Quiver, black (outfitter vendor)

Chest: Ceremonial Pathfinder’s Jacket, black (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Discernment, umber (DN hunter set)

Legs: Runemaker’s Trousers, black (Mirkwood level 65 Rune-keeper set)

Feet: Golden Host Boots of the Twilight, ranger green (t6 crafted, tailor)


One thought on “Variation on a theme of impossible pants

  1. oh those leggings. I was happy when I got the full set for my runekeeper because the matching robe covered them XD the ranger green undyable part made me cringe a lot, but in the night landscape of Mirkwood and with the dark color scheme you used they don’t look so bad, nice hunter outfit 🙂

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