A rough approximation of someone on fire

Or, the inevitable appearance of the portable shoulder-mounted umbrella. For me, it was the Eiffel Tower replica of outfitting: iconic but hard to find a use for. It is possessed of that quality which inspires cackling, the steepling of fingers, and turning people into frogs. Hence this outfit, which is meant for setting others on fire with nasty rune-words. Don’t ask me, it’s in the lore.


Your ears will burn with shame until you die! Or something!


Photobombed by murderous axe-wielding dorf statue.




Your move, statue.

Head: Circlet of Adamant, orange (TP store)

Shoulders: Lore-Keeper’s Shoulders, orange (Barad Guldur Lore-master set)

Back: Cloak of Urun, red (drop from Northcotton Farm 3-man)

Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Written Word, crimson (skirmish camp vendor)

Hands: Gloves of the Erebor Thunder-Caller (Erebor Rune-keeper set)

Feet: Golden Host Boots of the Twilight, red (t6 crafted, tailor)


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