Not furry enough

Since my screenshot folder for this blog was starting to look increasingly like a travel guide to Middle-Earth, I figured that I should make something vaguely snowy to advertise the pastoral charms of the Misty Mountains. “Visit Gollum’s Cave and try your hand at riddleses!” “Marvel at rustic boulder-tossing games near Iorbar while fleeing for your life! Now with angry bears!” Etc. This outfit pretty much grew out of the cloak; the end result is something that looks sufficiently wintry while being completely impractical as winter clothing. Surely a portent of outfits to come!


The hills are alive… with unfortunately-placed black ash nodes.


Impromptu wilderness serenade!




Ohai, sun.

Head: Memory of the West Hat, Ered Luin blue (Ost Dunhoth Lore-master set)

Voice of the West Shoulder-guards, Ered Luin blue (Ost Dunhoth Minstrel set)

Back: Widow’s Drape, default (Men of Dunland faction vendor, requires Ally standing)

Chest: And-Klath, Ered Luin blue (Classic skirmish vendor, Fornost light armour)

Hands: Recruit’s Medium Gloves of Adlan, default (Skirmish camp light armour vendor, level 23)

Legs: Leggings of the Lady’s Discernment, Ered Luin blue (Dar Narbugud Hunter set)

Feet: Voice of the West Shoes, white (Ost Dunhoth Minstrel set)


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