Rohan makes toasters explode

The toaster in question being the 6 year-old PC that I use to run LotRO; its continued functionality remains a blessed mystery to me. However, when I turn up the graphics to try to take screenies in Rohan, I usually get the unceremonious crash-to-desktop treatment. I’m guessing that mounted combat landscapes tell your system to render everything in a 10-mile radius, or there’s just more pixels per square inch of land, as I do not encounter this issue in any other region. As you may have guessed, this is a long-winded apology for the somewhat poorer-than-usual quality of pictures; it is also why I tend to avoid Rohan and war-steed pictures in general. The goldish-green nature of this outfit unfortunately compelled me to drag my poor captain to the Wold just to pretend to be a Rider, all the while risking toaster meltdown.


Behold the sudden lack of trees and grass in the background.


I’m not really a Rider of Rohan, but I play one on TV.


“They ate Sir Robin’s minstrels.” Wait, I’m not reading this right…


Shoulders: Steel Pauldrons of the Norcrofts, olive (Rohan reputation vendors)

Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, olive (TP store)

Chest: Lesser Ward of the West Breastplate, olive (Ost Dunhoth guardian set)

Hands: Combative Eastemnet Battle Gauntlets, olive (t8 crafted, metalsmith)

Legs: Lesser Leggings of the Dunhathel, gold (Ost Dunhoth champion set)

Feet: Commanding War Boots of Eomer, olive (t8 crafted, metalsmith)


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