Egregious cloaks, part 2

On a scale of one to egregious, the Cloak of the Dragonfly scores at least an eight. Therefore I had to heed its siren call, which promised untold eye-watering fashion crime! In all seriousness though, I was just looking for an excuse to use yet another Barad Guldur armour piece since Turbine wisely made them available at skirmish camps (kid in candy store cliche goes here, with strained tooth decay metaphor). Seeing that the un-dyeable portions of the Lore-keeper’s Robe matched the cloak’s overall beige-ness, and dressing up as a flying insect seemed like a perfectly normal Lore-master thing to do, it was downhill from there.


How to make your very own fountain: 1) take one hapless Lore-master (flowers optional)


2) Attach to lake with staff


3) Extend pump handle


4) Voila

Head: White Rose Circlet, default

Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards, evendim blue (Ost Dunhoth Hunter set)

Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly, turquoise (TP store)

Chest: Lore-keeper’s Robe, turquoise (Barad Guldur Lore-master set)

Hands: Marchwarden’s Gloves, umber (t6 crafted, tailor)

Feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes, umber (Great River quest reward)


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