No more hauberk embargo

Hauberks are one of those things that I will use once (like yellow dye), just to say that I’ve done it. When it comes to designing outfits that include armour, I prefer having a bit of additional flexibility with the lower body cosmetic slot (read: excuse to use armoured skirts). However, the Hauberk of the Greenwood caught my eye when I was looking to depart from previously-used colour schemes; the un-dyeable white/grey of the piece keeps the loony pink and green streaks in check, and the overall effect manages to look mostly sensible regardless of what colour you choose to dye it. From afar, at least. This being another case of Scenic Inspiration Disorder, the dull menacing reds and sullen whites of the Mournshaws immediately came to mind – one of the only things I remember about Enedwaith, other than Rhi Helvarch’s amazing hat, endless use of the word “Duvodiad,” and “I can hear the waaaaaaaaails of the Cuthraul in the night!”


Ominous-looking wood? Nearly sundown? Must go in!


That’s what all the hapless people in horror films do!


Ze treez! Zey obey my every vurd!


Head: Ceremonial Hat of Elder Days, default (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor, Rift light armour)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Hopeful Melody, burgundy (Barad Guldur Minstrel set)

Back: Day Pack, white (outfitter vendor)

Chest: Hauberk of the Greenwood, burgundy (TP store)

Hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Favour, default (Dar Narbugud Warden set)

Feet: Shield-Master’s Boots, burgundy (Barad Guldur guardian set)


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