wtb more colours, PST

I seem to have this deep fondness for sky-blue (or powder blue?), which is regrettably absent from LotRO’s dye palette. If the forums are to be believed, it will remain thus for another expansion – Helm’s Deep will introduce the walnut brown dye colour, which is fine and dandy except that it’s not sky-blue. To be fair, there are many other gaps in the game’s colour wheel (or vaguely-round polygon), and one can sometimes find workarounds to produce a desired inaccessible colour: certain pieces dye one shade brighter or darker than normal, and there exists a very small number of pieces where the deviation is two shades or more. But even so, said workaround has only worked once for me; sky-blue is generally only found on the un-dyeable portions of things like the Dar Narbugud raid pieces and maybe two cloaks. Thankfully, someone decided to revamp Evendim and create this lovely robe, which is available from the Wardens of Annuminas faction vendors. More power to you, whoever you are. Also, glhf on the launch of Helm’s Deep tomorrow.


This is the best border checkpoint ever.


/bother Anárion



Huh, it’s only a model.

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Wall-warden, umber (Barad Guldur Warden set)

Back: Radiant Cloak, umber (tier 5 crafted, tailor)

Chest: Robe of Long Memory, default (Wardens of Annuminas faction vendor)

Hands: Gloves of Tranquility, umber (Rune-keeper PvP set)

Feet: Gardening Boots, umber (Farmer’s Faire cosmetic)


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