/whippitydo at Helm’s Deep launch

First of all, to those of you who bought Helm’s Deep, please tell me how it went. I haven’t done so, and might just entertain the possibility of imagining to consider buying it at some unspecified point in the future. If there are enough pretty pixel clothes included, and the classes don’t explode into grotesque buggy caricatures of their former selves, I might actually spend money on it… But while we wait for the inevitable extension of downtime while they attempt to get it off the ground, here is a pretty dress. It turned out to be an entirely unexpected match with this rather perplexing but compelling cloak from Dunland – something I just absentmindedly Ctrl-clicked on while searching for an unnecessarily complex solution. Pardon the incessant turquoise outfits and watery backdrops; I was young and needed the money.


This new dress is great for walking on water!


Dragons go RAWR



Yes, it does make you look kind of fat. Back to the hunter-y clothes with you!

Head: Simbelmyne Circlet, default

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Wisdom, turquoise

Back: Embroidered Cloak of the Dunland Healer, default

Chest: Elegant Dress, turquoise


2 thoughts on “/whippitydo at Helm’s Deep launch

  1. wow this is an unexpected match! the cloak matches really well the turquoise dress and the grey undyable part are close to the color of the shoulder’s “ribbons”, love it 🙂

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