For the want of calamari

If I have an Achilles’ heel, it surely is the selection of head pieces. I tend to want to stick to circlets at the risk of re-using the same items for every outfit, and avoid funny-looking hats. I will on occasion leave the head slot blank, simply because I feel the available options are all bad; the general awfulness of the game’s selection of helms doesn’t help, either. Thankfully (or not), today’s outfit does not suffer from this problem, but from another one entirely! I knew which hats would make this look much better – the Stone-reader’s Hat or the Hat of the Mighty Verse – both of which are raid pieces from the Moria expansion, but only available for barter with one of the armour tokens from the Watcher raid. Given the rather ghost-towny status of my server, and the fact that I’d really rather not try to pug Watcher (I’m a misanthrope, see), I just had to make do with the ol’ trusty circlet. Yes, I know Watcher can be undermanned, but sad times are these when I see a maximum of three people online in kin, including myself. Maybe they’ll add the old Moria and DN raid sets to the store or skirmish camp one day…


Accidental serenading tends to accompany beautiful night skies and campfires.


Talk. To. The. Nice. Glove.




This is my frowny face.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word, violet (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of the Eastern Wind, violet (skirmish raid drop, shares appearance with the Hunter DN shoulders)

Chest: Shirt of Tranquility, violet (Rune-keeper PvP set)

Gloves: Wildermore Survivor’s Heavy Gauntlets, violet (Wildermore rewards vendor)

Legs: Trousers of the Mighty Verse, violet (Moria Minstrel raid set)

Feet: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Boots, violet (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)


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