Colours not to dye your hair

As you may have surmised, I don’t like yellow or cloaks with the hood down, generally speaking. But I figured today was as good a day as any to break with tradition, as it were, hence this gently eye-searing outfit. To be fair, yellow (or chartreuse) is actually rather endearing, just that it doesn’t go with a lot of the available items in the game; they end up looking a bit like absinthe or an accident with highlighters if not balanced properly with other colours. With all the screen-shotting and whatnot for this blog finally finished (so I hope), I do regret not experimenting more with chartreuse. Perhaps it is time to try for the Uufashionable title and that glorious paper bag…


It’s not my fault! All the other characters were full of excuses like “all my outfit slots are full.”


I am the very picture of a desktop wallpaper.



You there! Want to swap clothes?

Shoulders: Golden Host Shoulder-pads of Rejuvenation, yellow (t6 crafted, tailor)

Back: Cloak of the Golden Oak, yellow (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Chest: Embroidered Robe of Night, yellow (classic skirmish vendor, Halls of Night tab)

Hands: Esquire’s Medium Gloves of Naillan, umber (skirmish camp medium armour vendor)

Boots: Road-Warrior’s Boots, umber (classic skirmish vendor, Halls of Night tab)


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