Captain, interrupted

I logged in to the game yesterday to do some last-minute screenshotting for this post, and to check out the class changes; suffice it to say that the changes made to the captain are pretty disappointing. They make some measure of sense considered individually, but overall I feel that they go against the spirit of the class and lower its skill ceiling. One bright spot in all this is the addition of two non-clunky new animations, one of which is featured below. As for the outfit itself, the Hauberk of the Mariner is another seriously misnamed item that I happened to find while browsing the auction house; it resembles a dress made of buckles and straps more than anything, and superfluous ones at that. On hindsight I should have left the nice fluffy wing emblem near the collar uncovered, but I just had to match something with that oddly-shaped helm. I just hope the overall effect is more “captain” than “straitjacketed lunatic.” Most lunatics I know don’t wear Elf-made helms, at least not all the time.


I remember when I used to obsessively collect horses…


Check out my new “deer-in-headlights” cloak.




Happily enough, the Rallying Cry facial expression is a lot less feral than before.

Head: Helm of the Lady’s Courage, white (Dar Narbugud raid set, captain)

Shoulders: Battle-leader’s Shoulders, black (Barad Guldur raid set, captain)

Back: Nerth-Clog, black (Dunland quest reward, cosmetic version also available at Lalia’s Market)

Chest: Mariner’s Hauberk, black (Yuletide festival cosmetic)

Hands: Feredirvaib, black (drop from Tower of Orthanc raid, shares appearance with some Dunland quest rewards)

Feet: Forged-iron Dunlending boots, white (Dunland quest reward)


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