Ain’t nobody here but us fictions

I don’t really have a sensible-sounding justification for this outfit. I never actually used it much for day-to-day MMO business such as killing people and then taking their stuff; it felt a bit too “display-only” for such pedestrian, antisocial affairs. It is not fantastically innovative, though there are enough geometric resonances to keep it from being completely uninteresting; perhaps the most that can be said is that it is faintly evocative of the Rune-keeper’s Solitary Thunder trait line. The only other reason I can supply for posting this is that it fit my RK’s character and tastes, if that makes any sense at all (if it doesn’t, skip straight to the pictures). The process of fictional, created characters taking on a life of their own remains a mystery, but this phenomenon manifests itself to me as “the Lore-master gets all the pastel colours,” or “the minstrel gets the goofy screenshots.” Looking through my screenshot folder, it does indeed seem that all of my RK’s outfits have more to do with the interaction of shapes and lines than colour. This is either some unconscious echo of the class’ manipulation of rune-words, or the most tinfoil-hatted reasoning ever. Also, happy 50th Doctor Who anniversary! /mangle theme song


Should really have used different rune-satchel for this, but I didn’t have the TP to buy the nice ones. /hide


An average Rune-keeper debate about the best colour of the alphabet.


Nasty rune-word limerick crits you for 7834 shame damage.


Head: Memory of the West Hat, default (Ost Dunhoth Lore-master set)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Wisdom, white (Dar Narbugud Lore-master set)

Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, grey (TP store item)

Chest: Runemaker’s Robe, default (Level 85 Barad Guldur light armour set)

Hands: Gloves of the Hopeful Melody, white (Barad Guldur minstrel set)

Feet: High Officer’s Boots, black (tier 6 crafted, metalsmith)


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