An end to incessant fussing

In some ways, I am relieved to be finally finished with this particular ensemble. It has been redesigned from scratch twice, and yet a vague, wordless dissatisfaction about it remains. I suppose this is one of those occasions where one looks at a creation long struggled with, and only sees all the other ways in which it could have turned out, but turns heel and abandons it in the woods to die a burgundy-coloured death anyway. I would have dyed it white (or perhaps Ered Luin blue) if I didn’t already make such liberal use of that colour; also, I needed an excuse to take pictures in the old but wonderfully unnerving barrows of Garth Agarwen.


Scenery clearly inspired by MJ’s Thriller music video.


Conjuration of unabashedly cheap tricks.



Brb, wallowing in Firstborn sorrow.

Head: Fine Elven Circlet (LotRO Anniversary cosmetic) Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Defence, white (Dar Narbugud Guardian set, cosmetic version currently available at Lalia’s Market) Back: Elf-Lord’s Cloak, burgundy (TP store) Chest: Robe of the Hopeful Melody, burgundy (Barad Guldur Minstrel set) Hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Favour, white (Dar Narbugud Warden set) Legs: Rock-climber’s Leggings, burgundy (tier 6 crafted, tailor) Feet: High Officer’s Boots, burgundy (tier 6 crafted, metalsmith)

For anyone interested, try replacing the cloak with the Dunlending Cloak of Tactics, and work in some pieces (particularly the shoulders and leggings) from the Golden Host crafted set for a more orange, autumnal feel and less white. The Hat of the Lady’s Wisdom is not a bad option for a head piece either.

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