Committing fashion crimes for fun and profit

With the previous outfit finally out of my headspace, I would like to take the opportunity to commit some cardinal sins. Namely, taking pictures while the afternoon air is suffused with sunlight lazily spilling through the mallorn trees, and the surroundings segue imperceptibly into the splendour of Valinor itself. But alas, ’tis naught but a fleeting dream; we awaken to the bitter realisation that the colour of the screenshots is off, and that I have dressed an Elf warden in heavy armour. Terrible jokes aside, here is an example of egregious, off-colour cross-class dressing. Enjoy!


Elves don’t need no stinkin’ railings.


I’ve set my shield ON FIRE. Dealwithit.gif


Sorry. That javelin was my bad.


Head: Runemaker’s Hat, default (Barad Guldur Rune-keeper set)

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Whirlwind, grey (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Back: Cloak of the Silver Birch, grey (TP store)

Chest: Shield-master’s Breastplate, white (Barad Guldur Guardian set)

Hands: High Officer’s Gloves, grey (tier 6 crafted, metalsmith)

Legs: Lesser Leggings of the Dunhathel, white (Ost Dunhoth Champion set)

Feet: Lesser Boots of the Dunhathel, white (Ost Dunhoth Champion set)


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