Egregious hat finale

This post marks the start of the final round of six outfits before my Long Indefinite Break™ from fashion blogging and the game. I saved these few for last because they are the most likely to make people demand eyebleach to mitigate the effects of being exposed to needless complexity and ostentatious colours. In all seriousness though, I felt they were more abstract (yes, this is possible) than all the preceding, or perhaps simply more experimental; the last scraps of concern for lore-correctness have been gleefully cast off for something that is presumably worth it! As for the helm and gloves featured below, I honestly don’t remember how they ended up in my possession, so I shall pretend that they were world drops.





Head: Helm of Rallying, purple (presumably a world drop)

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Stoic Stag, gold (Dunland quest reward)

Back: Protective Cloak of Eomer, purple (tier 8 crafted, tailor)

Chest: Breastplate of Perseverance, purple (Captain PvP set)

Hands: Fornhands, umber (presumably another world drop)

Leggings: Leg-guards of the Killing Blow, purple (skirmish raid drop, shares appearance with the Moria Guardian raid set leggings)

Feet: Hall-General’s Boots, purple (Moria Captain raid set)


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