The post with too much purple

In which I try to recreate the look of the old Ettenmoors sets, which are regrettably lost to the mists of time and updates. The Ceremonial Robe of Elder Days used here is a passable – albeit eccentric – replacement for the old PvP pieces; the large patches of ochre and fur(!) around the sleeves don’t quite want to get with the program of being all nice, sleek and metallic turquoise. You’d think they could at least try being that lovely shade of coral around the cuffs and waist, but no. I hope I succeeded at beating this into some sort of shape acceptable for being caught dead in, which is in keeping with the spirit of PvP anyway.


This place is the upset stomach of Middle-Earth.



This Book-light of the Valarâ„¢ is really handy for reading on the go!


It also doubles as a 40,000 Volt smiting device!

Shoulders: Iron-scale Shoulderguards, turquoise (skirmish camp classic vendor, Inn of the Forsaken Rare Treasure tab)

Back: Cloak of the Windsinger, purple (TP store)

Chest: Ceremonial Robe of Elder Days, purple (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Hands: Recruit’s Medium Gloves of Adlan, burgundy (skirmish camp medium armour vendor)

Feet: Boots of the Lady’s Favour, purple (Dar Narbugud Warden set)


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