So long, and thanks for all the fashion

And so we come at last to the 42nd outfit of this collection; for those of you who haven’t read the About page, it also marks the beginning of my retirement from this old passion of mine, or at least a certain lapsing into a coma. I have spent approximately two years obsessively collecting items, Ctrl-clicking and lurking near other people’s outfitting blogs with intent to steal their ideas; the contents of this blog represent a thank-you of sorts to them, and to anyone else who has ever shared their outfitting ideas with me, whether it was through the official game forums, Pinterest, or the time-honoured method of ninja-inspect. To the people who have stopped by to look and comment etc., I am very glad to have had the opportunity to share ideas and/or words with you. As trite as it sounds, I do appreciate the feedback, as I don’t imagine that everything I ever designed was good (/cough chartreuse outfit), and I think it is important to know what I did right or wrong. For those of you who just got here, hi, I am Genericfantasyname and I arrange pixel clothes.

Speaking of terrible designs, I have about 14 of them; that is, outfits that I was planning to include but ultimately scrapped (but still have pictures of) because I felt they simply were not up to standard. I may inflict them on unsuspecting folk some time in the future. But for now, here is something in turquoise for Rune-keepers who want to look stylish while using rune-words to restore their allies’ damaged organs and missing limbs.





Head: Helm of the Lady’s Favour, turquoise (Dar Narbugud Warden set)

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Defence, turquoise (Lalia’s Market)

Back: Nerth-clog, turquoise (Dunland quest reward)

Chest: Lore-keeper’s Robe, turquoise (Barad Guldur Lore-master set)

Hands: Recruit’s Medium Gloves of Adlan, turquoise (skirmish camp medium armour vendor)

Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step, turquoise (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)


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