Adventures in walnut brown

Said adventures in are admittedly not as exciting or disastrous as adventures in chartreuse, but the upshot was that I finally managed to find a way to use the Chestguard of the Tireless Sentinel, which like all frustratingly hard-to-use pieces, has lodged itself stubbornly in the back of my mind like gristle between molars. It’s not quite a Yule outfit, and would look better on a warden, but my excuse is that I already did both in the previous post. Before I head back into my cave of hibernation and highly irregular posting schedule™, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and assorted festivals.






Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word, umber (Skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Defence, umber (Lalia’s Market)

Back: Spooky Cloak of the Bat, walnut brown (Harvest festival cosmetic)

Chest: Chestguard of the Tireless Sentinel, white (Dunland warden set)

Hands: Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel, sienna (Dunland warden set)

Legs: Elven Soldier’s Leggings, walnut brown (Tier 5 crafted, metalsmith

Feet: Boots of the Lady’s Discernment, umber (Dar Narbugud hunter set)



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