Acute angles and obtuse observation

As my quasi-retirement from fashion blogging grows ever more indeterminate, I decided to dig up some more low-level crafted pieces to mess around with.  I suppose this must be some kind of knee-jerk reaction to the rather lacklustre Helm’s Deep armour sets, combined with me just being plain lazy to level any more crafts. Admittedly I’ve used this colour scheme a number of times already, but it’s a favourite of mine; in my defence, I finally found a use for that strange angular cloak from a long-forgotten Dunland quest. I have only just realised that those are actually stylised pine trees on the cloak; I had always thought they were just aesthetically-pleasing triangles, and therefore to be filed under the “maaaaaybe I’ll use this weird thing someday but probably not” category. I’m sure there’s a Gestalt psychology lesson to be gleaned from this.


This is my plot-twist-detecting face.


Dat wonderfully-unsound swordsmanship nonetheless makes for great screenshots.


He-man quote goes here.


Head: Runemaker’s Hat, default (Barad Guldur Rune-keeper set, available from Classic skirmish vendor)

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Stoic Stag, turquoise (Dunland quest reward)

Back: Angolgol, default (Dunland quest reward)

Chest: Tough Dwarf-make Leather Armour, violet (tier 2 crafted, tailor)

Hands: Gloves of the Mighty Verse, turquoise (Moria Minstrel set, available from 21st Hall barter vendor)

Legs: Elven Bronze Leggings, default (tier 1 crafted, metalsmith)

Feet: Raddir’s Light Boots, white (Vol 2 Epic quest reward)

Postscript: Should have used white dye for the legs so they go better with the chest piece. But then the boots wouldn’t match. Oh well. /tear hair


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