Contains moderate rambling

There are quite a few things to say about this outfit, so they might as well be said in a disorganised fashion. First of all, this is a rather belated attempt to make something out of the hapless Erebor raid pieces, which have been (justifiably) orphaned due to their general unappealiness. That is, they distort body shapes, and have this unvarnished, plasticine-like texture. Sadly, this awkwardness seems to be their only distinguishing characteristic, in contrast to the strong Dwarf/Elf/Dunedain flavour of the previous raid sets. I also had too many plausible options for the head slot, so I decided to violate my own rules for a change: I generally don’t use hoods with hooded cloaks, because it feels silly – it’s like wearing one hat on top of another, but I suppose there are people who enjoy that kind of thing. I also used boots that clip partially into the leg mesh, which is something I’ve assiduously avoided in the past, so viewer discretion is advised. As for the rather boring poses my poor warden had to endure, it is a long and tragic tale: I already used Mirkwood as a backdrop for another similarly-coloured outfit, Fangorn forest had uniformly bad lighting, and the mobs running around the Limlight Gorge were too huge to place out of frame when I attempted to take some shots of my character stabbing stuff in combat. For whatever reason, wardens now keep their weapons sheathed when executing skills out of combat (even when using Ambush!), so it looks like they’re attempting to smite things with invisible sticks; this change just makes me sad. Hence, boring emotes, and much /shakefist.





Head: Tawarwaith Hat of the Gloaming, olive (tier 6 crafted, tailor, recipe available from Ost Galadh crafting vendor)

Shoulders: Far-Arrow’s Shoulders, olive (Barad Guldur level 65 hunter set, available from Classic skirmish vendor)

Back: Wood-wanderer’s Cloak, olive (TP store item)

Chest: Jacket of the Erebor Storm, tis undyeable (Erebor champion set, available from skirmish camp heavy armour vendor)

Hands: Gauntlet of the Gallant Commander, olive (Dunland captain set, available from Galtrev reputation vendor)

Legs: Leggings of the Deathstorm, olive (Barad Guldur level 65 champion set, available from Classic skirmish vendor)

Feet: Combative Eastemnet Battle Boots, Rivendell green (tier 8 crafted, metalsmith)


2 thoughts on “Contains moderate rambling

    • I’m glad you liked it! I was thinking of trying out the Erebor Lore-master robe, but I am running out of medallions and marks due to not running instances and stuff >.> Maybe I’ll use more exotic world-drop items in the future…

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