Extra-long post, or farewell redux

It seems that I have reached the probably-inevitable point of losing interest in making outfits once again, which, come to think of it, was supposed to have been reached about 11 outfits and 8 months ago. As goodbyes go, that’s at least an 8-volume trilogy. Suffice it to say that I feel that I’m now in danger of repeating myself outfit-wise: I didn’t buy Helm’s Deep and most likely won’t buy any more expansions, so I’ll only have old cosmetic pieces to work with, of which finite good combinations exist. That, and I should be focusing on other outlets for creativity. So, consider this blog closed until some weird urge to mess with pixel clothes picks me up again, and when/if that happens, I cannot say. I am grateful to the other fashion bloggers out there both for their inspiration and perseverance; without these, I doubt I would have continued until now. Go look at their stuff!

Anyway, here are my two last outfits (probably). The first one with all the yellow was largely inspired by the folk in Wildermore, and driven by an impulse to make something yellow that wasn’t chartreuse. The result even looks shockingly non-ornate, warm and like something you’d find on an NPC, which are all things I’ve assiduously avoided in the past. I would have added some pictures of my character impersonating the Wildermore guards, but they object to frippery. That is to say, Wildermore towns are in general too crowded with stuff to take screenshots in; the background is just too noisy, I find.





Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Erebor Watcher, default (Erebor minstrel raid set, available from skirmish camp light armour vendor)

Back: Linen Cloak, umber (tier 2 crafted, tailor)

Chest: Jacket of the Watchtower, gold (Dunland quest reward)

Hands: Lesser Gauntlets of Dundolen, umber (Ost Dunhoth Burglar set)

Boots: Gardening Boots, umber (festival cosmetic reward)


This other one is another impersonation attempt, but this time of NPCs in Gondor. That I will never actually see them in-game is a minor detail, but call it an educated guess. I mean, the chest piece I bought off the auction house has an item level of 99, so it must be from Gondor! In all seriousness though, this is what I was talking about earlier; without buying future expansions, I won’t have access to all the nice Bind on Acquire stuff with cosmetic value, and so be stuck with approximations of what I want to make. I had to wait for people to put up steel blue dye for sale before I could make this outfit, and I had to ride to Edoras through a multitude of NPCs who refused to give me quests just to take these pictures. But that’s all from me for now. Thanks once again for stopping by this corner of the internet, and happy outfitting or fashion blog-stalking!






Head: Far-Arrow’s Helm, steel blue (Barad Guldur level 65 hunter set, available from skirmish camp classic vendor)

Shoulders: Huranc, white (drop from Pits of Isengard challenge mode chest)

Back: Rongol, steel blue (drop from The Tower of Orthanc raid, shares appearance with some other crafted or reputation cloak that I can’t quite remember)

Chest: Lesser Enduring Hauberk of Parrying, steel blue (level 99 world drop)

Hands: Vibrant Calenard War Gauntlets, umber (tier 7 crafted, metalsmith)

Feet: Dreng-Gesc, steel blue (Dunland quest reward)




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