Purposeful waffling

Well, this is awkward. For all my previous talk of walking away from outfitting, it appears that such resolutions are no match for the combination of free time, hanging around other cosmetic blogs, the festive season, boredom. Speaking of the festive season, I found that winter (or, lots of rain and 80% humidity over here) is a timely reminder that nature in general is a succession of cyclical, transient processes: one thing arrives, is gradually succeeded by its contrary; final closure seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Purposeful waffling between extremes is the way of the universe, in the midst of which things endure, perish and are remade. Or, this may simply be tedious pseudo-intellectual hand-waving to justify my posting this in spite of promises not to.

In any case, here is a hobbit: my cosmetic mule character, the longsuffering Extrabankspace whose experience of Middle-Earth has been largely confined to a small room in the Delving Fields housing area with a vault-keeper in it, and, when things get really exciting, the area outside with the mailbox. I was halfway through designing this outfit for one of my other characters, but then decided to try something new, just because. The entire affair has turned out to be oddly-pleasing: seeing how certain articles of clothing and armour look like on a hobbit has given me some ideas of how to approach outfitting a dorf (assuming I ever do buy that extra character slot), and having to work within the constraints of being all of level 7 (in terms of finding suitable backdrops, and having to walk everywhere!) has been refreshing. Them hobbit emotes, too.

Anyhow, enjoy the festive season, resist the crass consumerist overtures, and don’t talk to snowmen.






Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards, rust (Ost Dunhoth Hunter set)
Back: Cloak of Mammuti, default (Lossoth reputation rewards vendor)
Chest: Jacket of Fem, black (Angmar quest reward; some cosmetic equivalents exist as drops from scaled 3-mans)
Hands: Wildermore Survivor’s Heavy Gauntlets, black (Wildermore reputation rewards vendor)
Legs: Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggings, grey (crafted; recipe available from Lossoth crafting vendor)
Feet: Dwarf-make Campaigner’s Boots, black (crafted, tier 5 tailor)


2 thoughts on “Purposeful waffling

    • I know! It does remind me of what a friend of mine once said when walking past the farmlands of Hobbiton and seeing all the hobbit farming alts at work: that there should be some kind of anti-child labour legislation in Middle-Earth.

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