On collecting boar heads for fashion

Against my better judgement,  I have rolled a dwarf solely for outfitting purposes. It has been both frustrating and fun: since I dropped my subscription long ago, the poor dwarf has had to endure the tribulations of his lowborn F2P-hood. Horselessness, embargoes on swift travel, inexplicable mental handicaps with regards to learning skills, and a divinely-imposed limit on virtue are but the least of his troubles, for he has yet to encounter the Lossoth, who will ignore him entirely and mumble something under their breaths about Turbine Points instead. (At least I remember specifically not buying the Forochel region after my subscription lapsed) The endless yellow Turbine Point-shaped blockades notwithstanding, I find that the biggest obstacle to levelling is simply that all the friends I once shared much joy with are gone and unlikely to return, which really kills the urge to pick mushrooms and collect boar heads for NPCs for more than an hour at a time, especially when only half of said boars killed have heads. On the other hand, outfitting a dwarf has been – dare I say it – fun. This particular ensemble probably wouldn’t work on any other race; it’s as if dwarves are immune to the body deformations conferred by the Wildermore crafted chest piece, in addition to being able to get away with using nearly any type of boots. And I’ve always wanted to do something that was blue and red but not hideously jarring. I do feel compelled to apologise (or at least account) for the rather bland screenshots though: I unwisely picked the champion class just because it kills stuff fast, but it doesn’t have a lot of screenshot-friendly out-of-combat skills, and the interesting-looking in-combat skills are all many levels away, as are some of the interesting locations. Hence the emotes that must feel rather overused by now, and if I could, I would have used some part of Angmar instead of the Barrows.






Head: Battle-mask of Rhun, evendim blue (TP store)
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Erebor Cleanser, burgundy (Erebor RK set, available at skirmish camp light armour vendor)
Chest: Enduring Wildermore Armour of Resilience, evendim blue (T8 crafted, medium armour)
Hands: Ceremonial Town-saver’s Gloves, grey (available at skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)
Feet: Far-arrow’s Boots, burgundy (Barad Guldur level 65 Hunter set, available at skirmish camp Classic vendor)


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