Ode to a treacherous colour

Upon reviewing my older outfits, I found that rose dye was grossly under-represented, perhaps due to it being generally used to inflict trauma on other people’s sensibilities and give them recurring nightmares of Dar Narbugud. Pink is also a colour that technically doesn’t exist on the electromagnetic spectrum, but is perceived by the brain nonetheless; exactly the kind of unsavoury colour that tempts people into running off and becoming Cartesian sceptics because perception apparently can’t be trusted. It’s also fairly frustrating to work with, in that it tends to make outfits feel garish and decidedly un-Middle-Earth-like. (I’m not sure if anyone was ever described as wearing pink in the LOTR novels; correct me if I’m wrong) Also, different pieces of apparel will dye darker or brighter – a problem that can be worked around if you have multiple shades of the same colour, i.e. the brighter forest green dye on a darker-dyeing piece may end up looking the same as the duller olive dye applied to a lighter-dyeing piece. But there’s one version of pink, which tends to create a jarring mismatch of tones and the probably futile desire to request Turbine for a new shade of pink. Anyway…

These pictures are the fruit of haste: I had intended to use Nar’s Peak as a background (for reasons I still don’t understand), but the foredawn sky, coloured treacherously pink, changed my mind. The time stamps tell me that these were all taken in a span of seven minutes, right before the in-game sun came up and gave the environment a radically different feel. While the perspectives and angles ended up as rather similar, I felt it was an acceptable trade-off to preserve the overall unity of the screenshots.






Head: Ceremonial Circlet of the Seven Stars, olive

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Erebor Bowmaster, Rivendell green

Back: Cloak of the Sunset Wood, rose

Chest: Ceremonial Silver-voice Robe, rose

Hands: Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Gloves, dark green

Feet: Dragon-scale Boots, olive



3 thoughts on “Ode to a treacherous colour

    • Thanks. The sky thing wasn’t entirely intentional: I spent so much time trying to decide where to go that by the time I picked Enedwaith, it was already halfway through foredawn. But yay for happy coincidences, nonetheless.

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