Escape from festive goats

First of all, I’d like to wish a happy Lunar New Year to anyone who knows what that is, since it is now officially the Year of the Goat. Two days of festive debauchery, obligatory socialising, goat-themed consumerism, and goat-themed puns have produced the impetus for me to take these screenshots at last; the outfit itself was finished about two weeks ago, but I guess there’s nothing like organised fun to make one desire the company of another world and the therapy of sending off another creation. I must admit that I have yet to find an article of pants-like apparel that looks unqualifiedly good on a dwarf, and is also not an armoured skirt. Their body proportions have some rather distressing effects on pants in general, but hopefully science will conquer them some day. In the meantime, here are some pictures of a dwarf, and Angmar in all its austere, almost alien planet-like glory.






Head: Potent War Helmet of Eomer, white (tier 8 crafted, metalsmith)

Shoulders: Cry of the West Shoulder Guards, black (Ost Dunhoth captain set)

Back: Cloak of the Dove, black (TP Store)

Chest: Sellsword’s Armour, white (tier 6 crafted, metalsmith)

Hands: Rugged Norbury Gloves, grey (scaled reward from Fornost, Wraith of Shadow)

Legs: Lesser Leggings of Dundirith, grey (Ost Dunhoth guardian set)

Feet: Lesser Valourous Boots of Prowess, gold (world drop, presumably. Got it off the auction house, so can’t be sure)


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