Kind of blue and creamy

The Ceremonial Robe of the Lady’s Foresight is one of those things that I bought first and nearly regretted later: it’s a beautiful, stately piece that evokes much coveting, but finding something to go with its undyeable cream and powder blue portions only came after the coveting process, and about four months after buying it. I have tried my best to not duplicate the work of others, but cannot quite escape using the colour blue. Perhaps someone with a better sense of contrast can work out a nice non-blue outfit involving this robe.

I must also admit to an embarrassing fondness for Moria as represented in the game, especially the Water-works, but only when not being forced to run through two hundred angry frogs to complete one quest. Its environs leave a lot of things carefully unexplained; I would have loved to be able to climb and explore most of the moody, majestic structures found there, but perhaps it is better to be left wondering and guessing at them instead.






Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Summer Festival cosmetic, from gift boxes)

Shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders, sea blue (I don’t know, I just got it off the auction house)

Back: Widow’s Drape, indigo (available from Dunland Quartermaster in Galtrev)

Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Lady’s Foresight, Ered Luin Blue (Lalia’s Market, the real thing available from Caras Galadhon RK trainer)

Hands: Rough Cloth Gloves, rust (tier 1 crafted, tailor)

Feet: Cotton Shoes, washed (tier 3 crafted, tailor)


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