Welcome to my corner of the aether. Bring no yellow dye.

Like all prospective train wrecks, this blog deserves an explanation. Somewhere in my three years of playing The Lord of the Rings Online, I was drawn into the dark and seedy underworld of outfitting through a heady combination of boredom and exposure to the work of people more talented than myself. Having been inspired by (read: pilfered) so many of their ideas, I feel a strange obligation to give them their stuff back, or at least give it away to other potential thieves, now that I am probably moving on to Other Shiny and Exciting Games.

The nature of the outfits on this blog is the outcome of my adherence to the old MMO adage that one should make characters whose behinds you can stand staring at for hundreds of hours; there are thus no dorfs or hobbitses, though some of the outfits will likely fit a variety of races. Use the dresses with caution. I once read an enlightening discussion regarding the merits of characters with fixed personalities and backstories (i.e. Guybrush Threepwood) versus characters created ex nihilo, with the task of filling in personality being up to the player (think player characters in Bioware games). To my mind both approaches are good, but the latter one colours my design philosophy: most of what you see is my idea of how a certain class should look like, without much in the way of further story, lore or RP considerations. This approach has its limitations, certainly, but it is the one best suited to hopelessly abstract individuals like myself.

The rather unwieldy blog title is due to my cheery prediction that Middle-Earth will eventually be demolished to make way for newer, shinier games by  the Vogons at Warner Brothers; the other reason is that I played six characters, making for a total of forty-two outfits. Do not let my frequent grousing and complaining give you the wrong impression: I really am quite upset with the direction LotRO is being taken in. But I have also thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this electronic re-creation of part of Tolkien’s mind, whether I was raiding, questing, PvPing, or simply running in circles while chatting with others. Creating outfits has given me great joy and fulfillment, and I hope that your experience with outfitting will be similar should you choose to take it up. It requires patience, persistence, and imagination, but more than repays one’s investment.


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