Find an Outfit with just clickery

Since I am a helpful hobbit, here is a page of linkses to help you find a particular outfit.


There are two aspects to the colour tags as used here. Firstly, they refer to colour families: Red encompasses burgundy, red, and crimson; Brown includes sienna, rust, umber, and so on. The tags are also used to refer to the overall effect of an outfit, though there will usually be secondary and tertiary colours thrown in; as far as possible, I have tried to tag the secondary/tertiary colours according to their in-game names so as to avoid confusion. That said, all this will not yield to strict analysis (especially when it comes to white/black/grey as secondary colours), but you probably have better things to do than analyse logical categories in a frivolous blog such as this anyway.

Black Grey Red Brown Yellow Green Turquoise Blue Purple Rose White


These tags unsurprisingly mean that the outfit in question is intended to suit a certain class. There are some decidedly class-neutral outfits, such as the small handful of dresses; they are only tagged as such only because I used that class to model it. As to why there are only six categories, I played these six classes the most. I did have a champion and burglar once upon a time, but they are now languishing on my old server, wandering aimlessly around the limbo where unplayed characters end up. I somewhat regret not transferring them and making more pretty pixel outfits.

Captain Hunter Lore-master Minstrel Rune-keeper Warden


This refers to the general feel of the outfit, not necessarily the type of pieces used in its construction.

Light armour Medium armour Heavy armour Dress Robe Hauberk

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